"A note from a delighted client:  Thank you for superb work done.  The presentation was well received with great feedback. I appreciate your commitment."

Kay Vittee: Group Executive, Staffing company


"I love what Robynne has done. I don't know what we would have done without her!"

Colette Atkinson: Executive Manager: Strategic Operations, Higher Education Training Institute


“When we were under immense pressure to submit a tender, we called on Robynne for her skills and expertise on collating the necessary information and assisting in compiling a compelling response to the tender.



She took the time to gain an in-depth understanding/insight of our business and our business requirement. She assisted in structuring the complex concepts of our business into a storyline so that the information was easy to interpret.


Her approach is that of a professional who works well against deadlines. Her easy manner and ability to take ownership of the entire process left us reassured we would not only meet the tender deadline but submit a response that best projected our business and value proposition.


A key benefits of engaging in this business model is cost flexibility in that one pays for output"

Hennie Oosthuizen: Training and Development Executive



"Although my team and I did not work directly with Robynne Shields on a daily basis, much of the work which was finally allocated to us, the copywriters, was as a direct result of her successful project management in securing the tenders that were awarded to our company, Adcorp Talent Resourcing.


Her excellent work ethic coupled with a passion to get things done timeously and accurately gave ATR the edge in a highly competitive and cut-throat field. She was held in high regard by top management and was the source of invaluable input in the marketing sphere.


Robynne was a delight to work with. Always ready to assist and willing to go the extra mile. Approachable, enthusiastic and with a sunny disposition that radiated throughout the office!"

Denise van der Merwe: Copywriter


"I love this - well done! Thank you so much for everything, you’re a star!" 
Director, Cleaning company



Some words from satisfied clients.


"It has been really great working with you and you have always been

such a help, even at times of immense pressure."

People Partner, Global BPO Business


"Robynne, I absolutely love your work. You just "Get it." "

Natasha Terlecki: General Manager: Marketing and Communications, Staffing company


"Wow, …you are DAMN BRILLIANT!! This is so awesome, I can’t thank you enough!"

Chantal Francis: Strategic Client Executive, Human Capital Business


"I have had the pleasure of working with Robynne for a good couple of years. Her work ethic is commendable, she is efficient and her output always professional and of high quality.


Reliability is one word that comes to mind. You just know the task will be delivered on. She is a trusted business partner with unquestionable integrity." 

Mark Jurgens: Adcorp Chief Operating Officer


“Robynne and I connected a few years back on an office relocation project. Robynne was instrumental as my “go to girl” for everything! Without Robynne, I could not have completed a successful project.


She was readily available at a drop of a hat, and often after hours. I always got a friendly, positive reception, no matter what the request was. She simply got the job done before I had even wondered where the feedback was that I needed.


Professionalism, speed and enthusiasm were amongst the attributes that came with the competent execution in anything that was asked of for. Things were simply easier, with Robynne at my fingertips!”  

Belinda Hughes: Interior Design and Project Co-ordinator


''Robynne has been such a valuable part of our business over the last year. She consistently delivers excellent results in everything she is given. She is proactive in her approach, willing to take on any task and find relevant solutions, she is a great communicator and her work is of a very high standard. She operates in a structured and professional manner. Her turnaround times on tasks are impressive and I feel confident in every piece of work entrusted to her."
Maxine Bolt: CEO Famous Digital Media