About Admin Inc.

Robynne Shields is the Founder and Solopreneur behind Admin Inc. Backed by 18 years of experience with a listed corporate, with an in-depth understanding across disciplines and stakeholder enhancement from Board Members, C-Suite, Excos and internal and external stakeholders, Robynne’s driving motto is “Do what you love, love what you do.”


Passionate about customer service, Robynne is known for her ability to provide a reliable "last-minute.com" service and always meets client's expectations, often, under extremely tight deadlines. 

robynne shields

About us

Admin Inc. offers highly adaptable, professional, and quality service orientated business support solutions to both domestic and international markets, across industry verticals.


The business world is ever-evolving and the speed to market fast-paced. Having enough time to meet all your transactional and strategic objectives can be challenging, whilst still focusing on the administrative, business support pillars.

By its very nature business support covers a wealth of services and business needs, many of which do not require a full time resource.


So Outsource it.


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